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Sensational – The Art of Feeling

Every person who has ever written frequently knows that your biggest feat is your own mind and more importantly the space within it. When life gobbles you up… just completely consumes you, getting from point A to point B take precedence. Feeling, absorbing the little things, acknowledging subject X past it’s practical application… those things pass you by.

Sometimes realizing this lack of sensation makes me nostalgic… pining for a moment that seems so much more lovely in retrospect. Sometimes I feel guilty for sacrificing my innate ability to feel for ambition and relentless drive.

By recipe of part personal necessity, a dose of a (long overdue) social consciousness and a smidgen of said guilt, I dig out my contacts and start opening up to friends I’ve subconsciously driven away or coldly bypassed with meaningless small talk. I meet with them. I don’t just hear their voices and spew off a dull response while 5 other things are going through my head. I listen to them. Feel how they feel. Break past the pretty. Get to their weird. Relate my weird. Feel relieved. Feel connected.

I know. I am an asshole for admitting this. For someone who is a self-proclaimed social butterfly, I sometimes ignore the golden rule of friendship (true friendship): quality over quantity. While small connections are absolutely vital to any extrovert – its like living off of junk food. Its sweet. It gives you a quick buzz but little by little you feel sluggish and somehow you can sense you’re missing that joie de vivre. You need the whole, satiating, power-packed stuff to really make you feel alive.

I also feel a bit self-absorbed describing the direct correlation of connecting with someone else to connecting with myself. While its obviously a mutual beneficial relationship, there is an undeniable personal development that truly connecting with someone can bring.

I saw my friend cry this week. It was touching and painful. It made me feel… like really rough, deep, this-is-heart-heaviness feel. It was a much needed slap in the face that life was bigger than a to-do list or the meeting in an hour or reveling in my well-deserved (so I thought) exhaustion at the days end. Life consists of love and connection and how everything that is so good is so bad to realize you will inevitably lose someday and that polar, powerful presence is what makes feeling so much bigger than anything you could ever possibly do.

While I’m smart enough to know that life has a bit of yin and yang – we can’t all be mushballs gushing with love and we also can’t be soulless robots – I know that too much of one thing is never a good thing. And this is regardless of how invigorating/driven/exciting/ consuming it may be. Step back my friends.  Look past the laser focus sometimes and feel the pretty and ugly of life. It will be a whole other level of all-consuming but I’ll bet you 50 bucks you won’t regret it.

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Sassy classics

My little sister has quite the impression on me, half my age and twice as talented, she inspires me to become a bit more ballsy with my style – to stretch my capacity to wear something outside of black. My last visit she introduced me to Polyvore and I’m little hooked. I know, I know… everyone uses it and I should have built a profile well before my 13 year old sister told me about it.
But I’m here and inspired and ready to create a new blog theme. Sketching the outfits I create, bringing them to (paper) life. Adding a face, hairstyle and personality to the outfits created.
Sassy classics


Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.

– Coco Chanel


Relieving the Pressure (You Put On Yourself)

Tonight carries a certain sort of mental twilight… the kind that emanates from a peaceful state of mind. It streams out of methodical, rhythmic actions, flooding the cracks and crevices of the remaining evening – all resulting in your head just falling on the pillow, feeling content, sleepy and null of those pesky anxieties that keep us from that REM sleep.

These nights rarely occur during a weekday and, knowing this, I stopped myself to put my finger on it. Why was tonight different from any other weekday? What put a subconscious halt to my eternal hamster-wheel of a brain?

I took the pressure off.

I didn’t pick up dinner ingredients. I grabbed Chipolte on the way home. I didn’t debate if I was too exhausted for the gym. I just got up and went… and worked my literal ass off to the point of looking part-radish, part-human. I didn’t force myself to be in bed early. I sat at my desk and started churning this out. 

These are not particularly ambitious or particularly indulgent things but I stopped worrying about meeting a personal quota or agenda. I simply lived and told myself, “this is enough… I am enough for today.”

Nights can’t always be this mentally calm. I will stress about that looming credit card bill or planning that weekend trip or whitening my teeth or whatever other random concoction I need to feel that buzz of stress and 5 minutes of satisfaction for getting it completed. But in this night where I simply let myself live, I’ll remember that taking the pressure off feels so much better than falling into that black hole of “you haven’t done enough.”

Those little bricks will create an eventual big house and no matter how small, they still keep you growing… that one workout, that one blog post.

Pressure off ;)

Ignore the text... this was drawn at work, on the back of a document.

Ignore the text… this was drawn at work, on the back of a document.


“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do” – Oprah

Wise words from a major mogul



You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

– Maya Angelou



Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.

– Dave Willis


Life Happening vs. Goals in the Making

Sorry I’ve been gone. Life always seems to be a strange blend of impulses that have to be satiated and regiments that leave no room anything outside of the to-do list. Writing a blog post has been neither an impulse or a necessity towards the path of short-term successes… so its been on a back (BACK) burner. I also realize it tends to soothe only one soul, my own, and hangs low on the totem pole of goals because not too many people read this and if you do, well thanks! And I hope it is enticing and valuable to your brain/heart/whatever needs to be fulfilled.

Well this morning I woke up earlier than anticipated, got out of bed, got back in bed, realized I didn’t want to leave that perfect atmosphere of cozy duvet during morning chill, perused my news feeds (junk but that good kind, like the Jerry Springer of news articles) and finally realized another snooze wasn’t gonna happen. Slipping out of bed, careful not to wake the sleepy bunny next to me, I tip-toed to the couch and sat without distraction staring off into the light trickling through the shades.

I thought back to when I had many days “off”, when I was looking for  a job in this massive, overqualified city of ambitious and brilliant people. I thought about how its been almost a year since we moved here and how things have progressed but changed in ways I didn’t anticipate. The job I got in the industry I never expected with opportunities I never entertained. It reminded me of how irritating it was to hear the question,

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” 

Uh. Somewhere where I’m ten years older, hopefully ten years wiser and have more than $500 in my bank account? The last two years have been multiple series of “what the hell am I doing?!” and its enough for me to see that life changes A LOT. If I had a solid plan of exactly where I wanted to be, I’m pretty positive I would be too narrow-minded to make the changes I need to live in accordance to whats needed to really use up my full potential and LIVE. But in the same sense I definitely see that goals and ambition are important, they remind you that life cannot be built off of convenience or simply necessity. You have to step outside of those boxes, stay on the path toward your goal and not fall into a comfort zone.  

I guess the best way to put it is –  create goals for yourself because they are vital to staying alive, but don’t create such a massive plan that when life happens and presents you with a hidden little nugget of gold, something that seems rough around the edges and not quite your grand plan, that you’re outside of your dreams enough to see that those goals can develop and be achieved in unforeseeable instances.

I was reminded that maybe my lack of writing was really just letting life get in the way – with its odd blend of comfort-zoning and finding dire need in small achievements that quite likely won’t make a difference in 5 years but seem like a really big deal right now. So I let those things get there fifteen minutes of fame in my life and I sat on the couch just a little longer than usual after work – but I remembered goals don’t come to fruition out of brainstorming while watching Netflix or eyeing my unfinished painting and thinking about how I’m gonna get it done tomorrow but I totally don’t have time right now.

Goals are met by always biting off a little more than you can chew and continuously taking something on, regardless of if it seems like a big deal or a little deal in life. Stating the obvious here, but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated a lot to be heard and processed and utilized. 


tattoo class


The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” – Robert Henri


The Theory of Green Grass and Love

I’ve always had such a strong intention to blend my desired concept and my dreams with my real life. I’ve always loved theories, brief puffs of emotion, imagination, segments of beauty, Kodak moments. According to the popularity of Pinterest, so does everyone else.  They like believing that the picture will match the real life occasion. The part where the dinner we made was delicious and the music we played made us feel like we were making a feast on some coastal French terrace with friends that are really tan and laugh a lot while drinking red wine.  Our imaginations like to create this beautiful scene but leave out the parts where our feet are hurting from today’s work pumps and the pot of burnt rice is still left in the sink with brown crud at the bottom. Concept is vague, an associated feeling, a segment of an entire, messy process, but just the good part. Reality brings in the dusty bits of imperfection.

But as we’ve been shown time and again with research about the online-ego we create, we don’t want reality. We want to Photoshop our daily lives, leave out the boring, stressful, tedious, painful parts. And I know I am the biggest offender in this department. I skip through songs to get to the best part, I reminisce the good parts of my memories over and over and over again, disregarding the whatever parts, I meticulously follow blogs that have pretty pictures and ignore the text,  practically drowning myself in make believe or “feel good,” because sometimes that is all I’ve got to work on – reality can be disappointingly practical.

Nothing drew my attention to this more, than my relationship with my boyfriend. Even writing that I kinda want to make that mock gag signal by pointing a finger down my throat. I mean, maintaining this ego-driven idea that I’m this deep-thinking feminist, it makes me frown that I’m discussing my relationship and exhibiting any impact it has on my life. You guys all know, I’m a free thinking individual  ;) Alas, I’m also a huge liar. I think about, care about and work a lot on my relationship. It matters to me more than I’d prefer to express and, well, it’s changed me.

I truly thought that love came in one category – one of pure bliss, perfection, pleasure, happiness, romance (I hate admitting that one) and (my fav illusion) that HE would complete me. By that I actually meant he wouldn’t challenge me in any way, but he would just tell me I’m the best thing on this earth and was always right and that he wanted to do everything that I wanted to do at the exact same time that I wanted to do it and would feel the same way. Basically, I didn’t realize it, but I wanted to date a idea. I wanted to be loved by someone so much that it would validate me thinking I was really great and life was perfect. I didn’t want to love someone. I just wanted to be 100% adored and live an expectation I set for myself.

Loving him was accidental, fateful, sometimes shitty, sometimes beautiful, sometimes perfect and sometimes all levels of WTF. I was my own biggest fool of love, thinking it was all about myself, my ideas, my theories, my dreams and was put smack dab in the middle of loving someone who was none of these ideas in many respects. I had to negotiate with myself and many times I hated it, I countered my own emotions saying that if I was with the right person, if I had fallen in love with the right person, everything would perfect and going exactly as planned.

I didn’t realize that love is one of those things you don’t really chose. It just happens and if you want it, you maintain it.

He’ll be the first to admit this. Omitting the rare occasion that he is super mushy because I’ve engulfed him in a weekend of lovey-dovey, couple-centric activities, this guy is NOT romantic. He hates fantasy. He lives for facts, practicality, NPR and statistics. He likes things simple. He doesn’t like being emotional. Crying turns him into stone. He savors being alone and does not prefer to mule of his emotions but rather play some really aggressive/militant video game. Art just confuses him and he gets no joy from posting cute pictures of us on Facebook (HA I can’t even imagine).  I love make believe, kittens, talking about myself and my emotions, talking about other peoples lives and analyzing them. I live for beautiful things and crying is like crack to me. It feels good to let it out when I need to. I also love being around other people, pretty much all the time, even if I’m not talking to them.  Art makes the blood course through my damn veins and I love showing the fun, happy, romantic, cute, epic parts of my life.

But there are many things Facebook, Pinterest, imagination and dreams cannot foresee. They don’t consider the monotonous weeknights that are turned humorous or simply happy from his company, they don’t show the times I’ve been all levels fucked-up/crying/crazy woman and had his shoulder to cry on. Most importantly my imaginary relationship doesn’t show the total function of all the little things, the little crap that is insignificant, boring, stressful, shitty or down right UGH that we’ve pulled through together or made all better by supporting each other.

While Mr.Serious might not give a rats ass about smiling in pictures and looking like we’re having the time of our lives, he will really be there in the moment and not because he’s envisioning how the moment should go, it just does and he lives it. (gushing words, get ready) I love the way he is so truly genuine that he may not seem like the warmest person, the most likeable, popular, charismatic person, but while everybody else is trying to prove themselves to you and their social setting, he’ll be the one who catches your fall whether he seems to like you or not. Whether he loves you or hates you, he will always respect you and show it. He is not above anyone or below anyone, he just is. Humble and confident all at once.

Truth be told he could theoretically be my other half. We have many commonalities but a ton of huge differences that really turn each other inside out and see what we each lack or fulfill.  While I’ve spent much of my life thinking that I was open minded, I never realized how close minded I was to people that weren’t into the same things as me, who didn’t thrive off of other peoples energy or love talking on the phone. It took loving a man as such to see a little better as to what I am, to see how much imagined love and true love  can both intersect and all at once seem like oil and water. I’ve learned that love is not green grass you placed in your imaginary yard as a little girl – love is not always a “match the two identical cards” game but sometimes a two very well fitting, albeit jagged, puzzle pieces game.



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